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Home is where the heart is, and seeing as a musician is often travelling on the road, and spends much of the year in strange cities playing in front of different crowds, thoughts of home can infatuate the mind. This is perhaps why a theme about returning home can be seen in so many artists work, as songwriters write about real life experiences and emotions, so the song writing process on the road can mean a sense of homesickness can start to infiltrate the work. Here are some of the best songs about just wanting to go home to be with your friends and family:
‘Homeward Bound': Paul Simon wrote and released this track in 1966, about his feelings of longing to be at home . At the time the singer-songwriter was touring through England with his guitar on his back and it is alleged he was inspired to write the song after becoming stranded overnight on a train platform. He miss-read the train timetable and was forced to stay in Ditton, a now defunct station which used to be on the line between London and Liverpool. A plaque at the old station was built to commemorate this famous song writing landmark.
‘Home': Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros started after lead singer Alex Ebert met fellow singer Jade Castrinos outside a coffee shop in LA in the summer of 2009. Together and with a group of musicians they toured the US in the back of bus and penned this uplifting track while on the road. But what really gave this song international recognition was a YouTube video, in which a young girl and her father named Jorge and Alexa Narvaez performed the song and it went viral, receiving 20 million views.
‘Take Me Home, Country Roads': John Denver released this track in 1971 and it has become a ditty everybody knows, and everybody can sign the chorus to. It was written by Denver along with Taffy Nivert and Bill Danoff. Nivert had the first idea, and was inspired to write the song after driving to a family reunion in Maryland. During the trip, just for fun, Danoff started to sing it as a ballad about the little winding country lanes they were traversing. Later, he changed the landscape to that of West Virginia's countryside, after reading a letter sent from his friend who told him of its beauty.

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